Meet a supply-side platform, the protagonist

Name: Admeld
Serves the needs of: Premium publisher clients

Mission: Helping publishers grow their online advertising revenues and monetize their unsold inventory while avoiding channel conflicts

Superpowers: Operating huge volumes of statistical data, handling 45 billion ad transactions per month

It all started with an ambitious American startup who was up to making publishers’ lives easier. The concept of a system for digital advertising implied the maximization of inventory yield across all sales channels.

Whittling down unsold inventory

Adopting RTB for better impression control

Selling smarter with audience analytics

To move beyond words, the startup began searching for a technology partner to join forces and deliver the SSP.

Client flashbacks:

“When we shifted from the idea to realization, Oxagile’s team was with us from the very beginning of the project. I remember how scrupulously they built every UI component of our platform, making all efforts to let publishers instantly capture insights into their inventory value.

They truly excel at working remotely, which inspired our tandem to efficiently interact even despite the time zone difference. We were always in touch, gradually picking up stream and moving rapidly through the project roadmap.”

What was going on at the height of development?

As the platform grew and matured, leveraging real-time bidding instead of bulk buying impressions and audience analytics for smarter sales, there came a need to involve a QA team into honing the performance of the product. Oxagile entered the scene and acted as a backbone of all QA efforts, both manual and automated, for about four years.

Oxagile flashbacks:

“It was a wild startup ride, with all this typical rush, burning eyes, infectious enthusiasm, and a strong desire to change the world of online publishers with a new yield optimization product.

Thousands of miles between us and our client’s team didn’t seem an issue — offline strategic sessions driven by brainstorm ideas that were feverishly written down on the whiteboard marked the beginning of a prominent ad yield booster.

As for the QA part, our team provided comprehensive test plans, while getting deeper understanding of the product with each coming month. In the long run, our QA contribution turned out to play a significant role in all what happened next with the product.”

Yield optimization platform in detail: how did it look?

Before we shed the light on a grand project milestone, let’s take a look at the solution we developed together with the client. It’s about:

Centralized ad management
24/7 account support

Real-time yield optimization
RTB enablement for selling ad inventory

Performance, audience, advertiser analytics
Advanced, customizable reporting

Brand protection
Content monitoring, malware detection

Higher, more predictable revenues
Stable eCPM maintenance

Wide access
Available across web and mobile

“, Discovery Communications, FOX News, Hearst Television, IDG TechNetwork, The Weather Channel, and over 500 other high-profile clients in the premium segment worldwide were joining the ranks of the platform customers.”

No wonder: we introduced a sophisticated yield optimization platform that provided clients with the tools to capture new revenue streams, control how they sell every impression, protect their data and brand, and more. In addition, the system was brilliant in handling huge amounts of data, processing about 45 billion transactions per month at the time.

Platform going Google

The startup product quickly gathered steam and collected enthusiastic reviews like “The solution boosted our yield from discretionary ad inventory by 95%” or “We’ve experienced revenue increases of 70% across our pages.”

The further it went, the more recognition was achieved, and finally, Google couldn’t pass by. The business giant acquired the solution, aiming to incorporate it in Google’s product line. So said so done: the yield optimization platform became an essential part of DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Kind words from the client

“I look forward to working with them again in the future! The Oxagile team was essential to the success of Admeld. I’ve always been impressed by their engineering skills as well as their ability to suggest alternatives or give hard problems a fresh perspective.

They really care about their work and that was clear every day. It never felt like we were working with a “vendor”, Oxagile was part of our team. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

— Brian Adams
Group Product Manager, Google

Professional Services
Delivery Model
Managed dedicated team
Effort and Duration
48 months, 120 man-months
Java, Ruby, Struts, JSTL, JavaMail, GWT, Python, Maven, Tomcat, Hibernate, MySQL, Oracle, Vertica