Solution highlights

  • WebRTC stream recording and playback
  • Automated session flagging based on a range of triggers
  • User identity validation based on a biometric profile
  • Challenge question authentication for extra security
  • Computer vision-supported face recognition
  • Seamless text and audio chat functionality
  • Advanced reporting and statistics
  • Supporting 1,000+ simultaneous connections

Watch it in action

Challenge: Upgrade, streamline, automate

The customer, a top-rated U.S.-based proctoring firm serving students from 129 countries, needed to revamp their business-critical online proctoring solution. Key improvement areas included migrating to a modern communication tech stack, automating workflows, and supercharging monitoring efficiency.

To cope with loosely defined requirements and innovative project nature, the team followed a predictable Scrum-based workflow to ensure on-time and on-budget value delivery.

“Project complexity required a highly competent, mature team. We assembled a cross-functional agile squad consisting of a Scrum Master, senior and mid-level devs, QA engineers, a devops pro and a UI designer, with 76 years of cumulative team experience.”

— Roman, Delivery Manager

Delivering a modern proctoring platform

Oxagile’s decade-long expertise in real-time communication and computer vision proved instrumental in delivering a scalable solution that enables automated screen capturing, text and audio chats, ML-powered face recognition, suspicious activity flagging, and more.

WebRTC stream recording

Oxagile’s hands-on experience in working with Kurento Media Server proved invaluable in migrating the platform to a modern, scalable tech stack.

  • Capturing WebRTC-based video and audio streams
  • Recording the test-taker’s face and their desktop actions
  • Easy-to-use text and audio chat functionality to facilitate communication between proctors and students
  • Intelligent auto scaling to support heavy loads

AI-assisted exam monitoring

The team leveraged its C++ and OpenCV expertise to improve and customize OpenCV library for multiple face detection and recognition as well as effective exam proctoring.

  • Innovative machine learning-supported face recognition
  • Biometrics-based user identity verification
  • A wide range of red flag triggers (light and audio level changes, head movements, window resize events, and more)
  • Alerting the proctor to suspicious activity

Advanced reporting

The platform features comprehensive online proctoring reporting and statistics across test-takers, exams, and educational establishments.

  • Scoring functionality with penalty points assignment
  • Granular performance metrics
  • Real-time incidents reporting
  • Intuitive, role-based dashboards

Capitalizing on EdTech expertise

Oxagile’s strong eLearning background coupled with good knowledge sharing practices helped us better understand project requirements and implement them at the business logic level. This included challenges around across-the-board LMS integrations and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) compliance to ensure seamless end-user experiences.

Boosting efficiency up to 5,000+ daily exams and counting

By partnering with Oxagile, the client managed to automate and scale business processes at an order of magnitude faster rate. The enhanced platform allowed the leading proctoring service provider to extend its offering with biometrics-assisted proctoring capabilities and oversee hundreds of simultaneous exams anywhere in the world.

Currently work is underway to further enhance the platform in areas such as score calculation and comparison, smart audio and ambient light baseline identification, IP and geolocation change detection, and more.

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