Who’s our client? Research & consulting services provider
Ambitions they had: The software system needs to connect consulting service providers, HR specialists, and assessees in one place and organize assessment management, talent review analysis, and succession planning
Oxagile’s team: BA specialists, project managers, DevOps, QA team, web development team
What Oxagile delivered: Web platform for assessing talents’ soft skills, organizing succession planning, and driving insights based on assessment reviews
Who will use: HR directors, HR managers

What our client said: “Being adept at talent training, we lacked an auto-assessment tool…”

CTO: “Once we gained solid expertise in skills assessment, we went with the idea of this process automation in our company. We started the project development with our in-house data scientists, but soon we would come up with a new service to offer the market. Well… And this drove the need for a web portal that would connect all the users together. Now came the hard part: putting theory into practice.

Lacking in-house technical capacity, we were searching for a software companion. Coming back together with Oxagile was a perfect decision. Fun fact: ideation wouldn’t stop. Working in cooperation with Oxagile’s team, we extended the platform’s business logic with succession planning.”

Approaching smooth succession management flows

“Oxagile’s team was addressed to build an intuitive end-user experience based on the integration of an assessment module. It’s a revolutionary approach to talent development: leadership skills are evaluated automatically. With talent data stored in one place, companies get valuable insights into their staff potential. The idea behind the business logic is that HR specialists need to be able to send an invitation for assessment, get responses, and analyze assessment results for building development and succession plans.”

— Konstantin, Project Manager

Disruptive assessment framework

HR departments can now automate soft skills assessment, while aggregating the review data to identify top talents.

Key perspective

Efficient succession planning is at the core of what the platform is built for.

B2B cooperation

The monetization model is based on sharing access to the web platform for corporate use.

3 stakeholders, 1 web platform, and terabytes of data for effective leadership succession planning

Succession Planning

  • Manage talent leadership assessment data with badges
  • Build succession plans per positions
  • Range available candidates and assign health statuses
  • Create group succession plans for different departments, locations, etc.
  • Get insights into talent availability

Full cycle coverage, process transparency, and data security

  • User management

    • Multiple user roles with custom access levels
    • Automated account invitations sent to newly-created users
    • Custom groups for convenient cooperation
    • Talent profiles for regular performance review

  • Company management

    • Control panel with individual company access accounts

  • Assessment management

    • Email notifications and reminders about assessment
    • Tracking of assessment results
    • Iframe integration display of assessment tests
    • Display and export of assessment reports

  • Succession plan management

    • Tracking of available candidates for targeted positions
    • Badge-based evaluation of candidates
    • Simplified dashboards with analytics data about candidates

Dreaming about fast talent assessment in several clicks? Make it come true!

Get benefits from our team’s expertise in edtech technologies to boost your HR performance, avoiding talent gaps with data-driven succession planning.

Saving up to 30% with cloud innovation

  • Amazon Managed Grafana
  • Prometheus
  • AWS CloudWatch RUM
  • AWS X-Ray
  • AWS Graviton2 ARM

“100% of computational operations are performed on AWS Graviton2 ARM instances, which is about 30% cheaper than classic x64 instances.”

— Software Engineer, Oxagile

Keeping pace with identity and access management tech trends

Did you know that Keycloak… ?

“This identity and management solution has wider use than you might think. It’s all about user management and security but not just about authentication and authorization. Thanks to dynamic tokens, Keycloak made the system more resistant to data breaches.”

Professional Services
Delivery Model
Oxagile Scrum
Effort and Duration
6 months, 6,000 man-hours
Node.js, React.js, AWS, Keycloak, Bitbucket, Terraform, Helm, Kubernetes, Casbin, NextJS, NestJS

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