Advertisers: “Time to shift the focus from ads creation to their distribution.”

It seems our advertising delivery strategy is far from being optimal. If we’re concentrating our efforts on maximizing ad campaign outcomes, it’s no longer enough to be guided by intuition in our broadcast TV spend. Is there a unified platform where we can converge traditional linear and OTT workflows: connect to advertisers, choose the best offer, and monitor ad impressions on a regular basis?

Broadcasters: “Our primary business goal is to increase advertising spend on broadcast television and over-the-top video platforms.”

While TV ad spending is shrinking day by day, we exert every effort to reconsider the terms of advertising inventory management, aiming to gain utmost revenue from TV inventory selling. If only we could find the software that would automate the end-to-end order management process, making it intuitive for both advertisers and sales managers. What if we had a system that would automate the flows within the offering of our omnichannel ads packages and the selection of advertising platforms adjusted to advertisers’ needs?

Oxagile: “The mission of the platform our client had in mind was to take ad inventory buying and selling to the next level.”

To gather broadcasters and advertisers together in one place and automate TV, digital, and OTT inventory selling, we, together with the client, a data-driven solutions provider, challenged ourselves to deliver an end-to-end AdTech marketplace for seamless ad inventory management, including advertising offering generation, order processing, and ad campaign performance monitoring.

Multi-tier architecture

AdTech platform designed to bring broadcasters, video streamers, and advertisers together

As Oxagile has over 15 years of experience in all things online video and proven expertise in delivering AdTech software projects, our team made the most of this knowledge when the client involved us in the solution development.

So what’s the marketplace about in detail? What are the modules implemented and what is each responsible for?

Seller application

  • Smooth inventory management (creation, viewing, editing, automatic notification sending, etc.)
  • End-to-end order handling
  • Rating-based pricing — broadcasters set the optimal costs thanks to the trusted rating systems like Nielsen or Comscore
  • Comprehensive reporting system to monitor the efficiency in selling ad inventory
  • Intuitive functionality for uploading rate cards to make pricing for inventory items visible for advertisers
  • In-built communication system for creating and customizing converged proposals as well as negotiating with stakeholders

Buyer application

  • All-round information on pricing, ratings, and avails to make hassle-free proposal requests
  • Instantaneous avails delivery, order negotiation, and real-time purchasing
  • Order status and ad performance monitoring
  • Detailed reports and dashboards to get insights into the campaign’s performance
  • Opportunity to analyze ads packages and negotiate advertising terms via an in-built communication system

Customer care application

  • Control of smooth interactions between broadcasters, video streamers, and advertisers
  • Order stewardship services, including pre-empts and makegoods handling
  • Smart order validation to rule out human errors

5 core AdTech marketplace concepts


Buying and selling processes are automated for advertisers, video streamers, and broadcasters, which simplifies all their interactions.


Our client’s partners and competitors are connected to the marketplace so that the customer can expand the sphere of influence.


A continual increase in the number of TV broadcasters and media companies provides advertisers with the impressive portfolio to choose from.


Maximum simplicity in pricing terms, ad scheduling, inventory management, and performance monitoring.


Thanks to meaningful reporting, broadcasters and video streaming companies easily monitor inventory sales volumes, while advertisers get real-time updates about their order status whenever they want.

What broadcasters and media companies say

Proven way to streamline monetization

“The platform greatly facilitated ad inventory management, which led us to the impressive maximization of return on investment.”

No more tiresome hours of routine

“We’re so happy to become a part of the community, as the marketplace undertakes end-to-end ad inventory management, letting us enjoy tremendous time savings.”

Data-driven decisions instead of random

“Now we get a clear picture of relevant ad pricing. This allows us to generate the most advantageous offering.”

What advertisers say

All ad inventory info in one place

“No need to spend time gathering a range of ad inventory offers into the big picture — the marketplace gives instant information on pricing, ratings, and avails.”

Proposal requests in two clicks

“The process of creating requests for proposal is a piece of cake — we’re making it in a matter of seconds, perfectly tailoring each to our needs.”

Tried-and-true method to improve ad campaigns

“Thanks to a BI-driven campaign success analysis, we made great strides in optimizing our ad campaign performance.”

What quantitative indicators say

Signed TV stations


Annual ad impressions

Increase in orders

Processed at a time for one TV station

Delivery Model
Scope-driven milestone-based development
Effort and Duration
50 months, 1295 man-months
Go, .NET Core; AWS services, gRPC; ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI; ReactJS, AngularJS, Webpack (JS module bundler); SSO with OpenID Connect, Okta, IdentityServer4; MS SQL, PostgreSQL; Dapper, EntityFramework; Docker (Linux, Windows); Datadog, Seq logs; nUnit, Moq