Hitting the mark with Oxagile big data services

Whether you’re planning to replace expensive third-party system components with an in-house analytics solution, having doubts about the best GUI option for data visualization, or wondering how to smoothly move data from on-premises to the cloud, our wide range of big data development services will provide meaningful solutions to all your needs.

Data engineering

  • Building scalable and secure ETL/ELT data pipelines
  • Auditing and optimizing pipelines for downstream analysis
  • Deploying data warehouses and data lakes

Data analysis and visualization

  • Building custom reporting dashboards
  • Implementing BI tools
  • Optimizing BI systems
  • Providing advanced ML analytics

Data and pipeline migration

  • Migrating data from legacy systems
  • Moving the existing data infrastructure to the cloud
  • Integrating systems across on-premise and cloud

Data quality management

  • Assessing how data is retrieved and then kept in the system
  • Establishing standards for working with data and adjusting data access
  • Implementing data lineage to visualize the data flow across various systems
  • Configuring data pipeline monitoring and testing

Big data consulting

  • Reviewing all elements that can affect your report’s quality
  • Navigating you through the architecture behind any data-driven solution
  • Shortlisting optimal platforms and tools that answer your needs


  • Designing an AI solution for data analysis
  • Implementing AI models for extracting and structuring data from various sources
  • Gathering and cleansing data for ML model training to make data-driven predictions

Accelerating your project success with our big data competencies

No matter which project development stage blocks your way, we’re ready to get involved. Same for products—if you doubt how to empower them with big data capabilities or need a reliable big data service provider, we’ll show you the ways to do it.

Custom big data projects: which stages we cover

  • Big data solution design
  • Streaming and batch data ingestion, processing, and storing
  • Traditional and advanced big data analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Data and pipeline migration (either cloud or on-premise)

Custom big data products: how we contribute to growth

  • Providing big data product development as a service
  • Launching and managing post-sales activities
  • Designing data models for new product features
  • Building data pipelines to power new product features

Doubling the power of your in-house team: who’s in?

  • Сertified data engineers, BI engineers, DevOps and DataOps specialists, ML specialists, QA experts, solution architects, project managers, etc.
  • R&D specialists with a strong focus on big data as a strategic line of development
  • Advertising, retail, e-commerce, telecom, media, software industry experts

Proven industry experience across multiple domains

While any technology challenge is unlikely to become an issue for our data specialists, yet another value-added benefit from Oxagile can be our domain knowledge we’re glad to share.

Video streaming providers can be in a magician’s shoes, while predicting the desires of their subscribers with the analytics of viewer interests used as a magic wand.
AdTech representatives are offered comprehensive ad campaign analytics and efficient ad impression forecasting, along with intuitive dashboards where all metrics are carefully sorted out.
As for eLearning, tracking student engagement and examining their behavior throughout the training process allows educational content providers to appear on top of “The Most Demanded Course” list.

And there’s more magic we work, crossing big data tools with our industry expertise.


Reaching millions of users across multitudes of platforms, services, and devices while not being buried under large volumes of real-time data is no easy task. Unless you let a big data development service provider (read: Oxagile) in tandem with technology innovations help you get the most out of data within seconds.

  • Unified analytics across channels, media assets, clients, campaigns, DSPs, and SSPs with valuable insights on your audience, media performance, ad sales packages, content recommendations, and much more
  • Rich visualization and user-friendly dashboards to enhance the UI of your AdTech platforms
  • AI implementation for better targeting, dynamic content optimization, dynamic ad insertion, and impression forecasting
  • Context analysis, brand safety, and fraud prevention measures
  • Leveraging AI for operational optimization and reducing client turnover

Video Streaming

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your viewers’ experiences from every angle and receiving hints for continuous improvements that ensure you are the first thing your users think of when they press the on button of their devices — a new norm that we keep on setting.

  • Leveraging first-party data to enhance the monetization of your content/media assets, while being attractive for advertisers and keeping your users happy with relevant ads at the right moment
  • Powerful analytics of viewer behavior and interests for better recommendation engines and personalized recommendation packages
  • Preventing churn rates by analyzing the performance of streaming services
  • Extracting valuable insights about your audience and implementing user segmentation for targeted analytics within each segment (e.g., active viewers, those who migrate to a more budget-friendly subscription, etc.)
  • Tailoring marketing campaigns to engage users more effectively, based on their preferences and behaviors


With “knowledge is key” as one of the main mottos, no one understands the power of big data better than EdTech businesses. Oxagile can help in this profitable endeavor of grasping the full potential of big data and using it for precise insights.

  • Monetizing EdTech: evaluating advertising campaign performance, tracking user paths, and measuring conversion rates from users to subscribers at every stage of their journey
  • Enhancing audience engagement: assessing the effectiveness of your educational courses in captivating and involving learners
  • Analyzing learner feedback: using social listening and feedback analysis to gain valuable insights from learners
  • Measuring post-training performance: evaluating the impact and effectiveness of training sessions to ensure optimal outcomes


While big data development in the field of eCommerce stands out for the infinity of channels and an array of different factors, personal details, searches, habits, patterns, and interests that it takes to create a portrait of a modern consumer, Oxagile ensures maximum efficiency, simplicity, and speed.

  • Enhancing customer loyalty through tailored shopping experiences
  • Gathering social media data, tracking demographics and buying patterns, and influencing behaviors through likes, shares, and comments on social media
  • Identifying the optimal price customers are willing to pay for a product with value analytics
  • Using predictive analytics for forecasting profitable products to stock ahead of time and targeting at-risk customers with retention campaigns
  • Inventory management to proactively restock items to prevent shortages and ensure customers stay loyal to the brand


Utilizing data-driven information to avert chronic illnesses and enhance patient results is hardly just a trend suggested by big data developers, but rather an essential aspect of any advanced medical company.

  • Crafting personalized projections and tailored treatment strategies to minimize hospitalization risks
  • Leveraging machine learning-driven predictive models to automatically detect anomalies in patient clinical data
  • Examining outcomes to fine-tune treatment plans and safely navigate medical hazards, such as adverse reactions and medication side effects


Handling vast volumes of data about clients, market trends, customer demands, user feedback, and investment opportunities might seem tedious and random sometimes, but there’s an important and sweet upside: big data brings the salvation you need, handling it all like a boss. Or like an extremely high-performing manager.

  • Leverage predictive analytics to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, enhancing customer retention strategies
  • Streamline decision-making and risk management by examining credit histories and identifying early signs of credit defaults
  • Employ predictive analysis for real-time anomaly detection in bank transactions, insurance claims, and loan applications to fight fraud effectively
  • Utilize machine learning-powered financial solutions to safeguard sensitive data and prevent any misuse or loss

Latest request for big data development services

You’re asking

Hey, an OTT platform owner is on air. I’m looking for new monetization options. Are there any proven big data-driven methods to effectively monetize videos and enter new regions?

We’re responding

Viral videos are a sure-fire way of monetization. All you need is an online video monitoring solution to support historical and real-time statistics. The latter will keep you updated about any super trendy video.
User behavior and distribution analyses are keys to amaze users with the recommendations accurately hitting the targets and lift your own spirits by the impressive CTR boost.

Tailored approach to get you through any business turbulence

Wonder how to turn big data challenges into winning strategies?

Oxagile is delighted to become your companion and join forces to meet all project deliverables. Take a glance at how it works when our big data software development services turn problems into possibilities.

  • Choosing the right tools

    We’ve managed to overcome scalability hurdles, selecting only those solutions that accelerate performance.”

  • Orchestrating reporting software

    Luckily, there’s no need to be buried under millions of reports any more, as Oxagile’s team showed us the way to stitch them together.”

  • Redoubling big data expertise

    After starting our collaboration with this big data development company and their data pipeline specialists, we resolved all data aggregation and storage issues.”

  • Migrating data smoothly

    Processing 10 billion records per day is not the limit for our product. Data volumes are growing exponentially, while data quality and security are kept high. Thanks to the transition to a unified solution, we forgot about all scalability restrictions at once.”

Wonder which offer type is right for you?

You don’t need to make guesses about the optimal choice — we’ll gladly shed light on which of the offerings is going to be the best thing for your business.

What makes us a different big data development company

Big data talents

While tools and approaches are crucial, expertise is what makes the real difference. We’re a team of big data developers, architects, data & ML engineers, and BI developers with a wealth of hands-on experience harnessing the power of data science and analytics to turn businesses into real winners.

Merely your vendors, but partners

We genuinely invest our minds in your success, and that’s why we brainstorm ways to get the most out of big data without breaking the bank. Our approach involves examining your processes and considering various aspects like security requirements and maintenance costs to avoid unnecessary big data app development solely for the sake of upgrades.

Expertise to scale your project

We take care of everything from in-depth system audits to using optimization techniques that can smoothly revolutionize how the received data works to your advantage. We opt for a perfect balance of cost efficiency, processing speed, and convenience in using the data effectively.

Big data development: Tools and tech we use to handle your requests

Big data ecosystems

Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark

Cloud platforms and tools

AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Cloudera, Snowflake Data Cloud

Data visualization tools

Tableau, Qlik, Looker, Microsoft Power BI

Programming skills

Python, Java, Scala